Value types and exceptions in .NET profiling

Getting fields of a value type instance

The case of a value type is very similar to a reference type except that the address you receive points directly to the beginning of the fields value; instead of the type MethodTable (or ObjectID if you prefer).

What has been returned?

The final step of our journey is to figure out what is returned by a method. The leave callback executed each time a method returns receives a FunctionID and a COR_PRF_ELT_INFO as parameters:

And what about exceptions?

I discussed how to follow the normal flow of execution by entering and exiting a method. When, in a method, an exception is thrown and not caught, you won’t get notified by the Leave callback. Instead other methods of ICorProfilerCallback are called if you pass COR_PRF_MONITOR_EXCEPTIONS to ICorProfilerInfo::SetEventMask.


This series of articles introduced the .NET native profiling API in the context of method enter/leave tracing. The relationships between its metadata counterpart has also been detailed. You should now be able to implement other overrides of ICorProfilerCallback to get details about allocations for example.




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