Enter PublicClass::ClassParamReturnClass
this = 0x6f97e190 (8)
ClassType obj = 0x6f97e488 (8)
| int32 <IntProperty>k__BackingField = 84
| int32 intField = 42
| String stringField = 43
ClassType obj = 0x0000023A475BBAD8
Leave PublicClass::ClassParamReturnClass
| int32 <IntProperty>k__BackingField = 170
| int32 intField = 85
| String stringField = 86
returns 0x0000023A475BBBB0…

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Finalizer and IDisposable usage

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Let’s see the result of profiling in Visual Studio

  1. Get a sampling of .NET application allocations
  2. A simple way to get the call stack
  3. Getting the call stack by hand

Thanks you Mr Windows Kernel!

What is a dotnet-dump command?


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Christophe Nasarre

Loves to understand how things work (MVP Developer Technologies)

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